Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yoga Lesson Plans

The second in my new series of yoga lesson plans for teachers is now up on inneridea.com.

Bonus: There's a free guided meditation/relaxation you can download for each lesson in the series.

Description of the series:
"The benefits of yoga go beyond more flexible hamstrings, a stronger core, or less back pain. Yoga has the power to make you more resilient to stress. It reminds you of your inner strength. It can give you back a sense of joy and purpose in your life.

You already know this. But as a teacher, it’s usually easier to plan a class that focuses on stretching the hamstrings than reawakening joy. Each lesson plan in this series will help you plan a class that empowers your students—body, mind, and spirit. We’ll consider not just pose choice, but all aspects of teaching—from sequencing to touch to verbal cuing—that contribute to a cohesive class experience."

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